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Instructions for profiling Silverlight (Desktop) with VS2010 RTM

Maxim Goldin, from the VSTS team, has an excellent post on how to profile Silverlight 4 desktop with VS2010. Oren Nachman, our rockstar new perf SDET for Silverlight, is also an excellent source for Silverlight profiling tricks.

Tips for creating massive amounts of shapes

I am often asked how to reduce the creation time for a massive number of shapes.   Try a few things: 1)      Use XamlReader.Load when you can (with the mini-language), which allows you to use the native parser and not managed code to create new shapes 2)      Use the mini-language for Paths or lines (whether […]

Video of “Deep Dive into SL Graphics” from Mix 2009 is posted

[this was originally posted on, reposting as I am moving hosting sites] The video for my talk on graphics is now posted, with slides: Demos: Demo project for building an invert shader Demo project for using a transition effect Note that I deleted the original images from the project — so, before pressing […]

Summary of the 20min perf talk at Mix 2009

[this was originally posted on, reposting as I am moving hosting sites] The 20 minute talk is posted here. I spoke till the speaker timer started to flash at me (giant flashing clock), which resulted in having no time for a forum Q&A, but feel free to post your questions/comments down below. I’m always […]

Going to Vegas with my Phone…

For those wondering my current project is, I can finally talk about it! I’ll be speaking at Mix, hope to see you there! SILVERLIGHT PERFORMANCE ON WINDOWS PHONE Learn how to optimize your Silverlight code for Windows Phone. This session will discuss common bottlenecks using the graphics and managed stacks, and will highlight how to optimize […]

PDC 2009 video, TechEd Iceland, VS2010, profiling, Silverlight 4

(I know I promised this eons ago, so apologies in advance… on the flipside, I’m posting from my vacation in Paris, so hopefully that earns me 1-2 brownie points back.) First, my PDC slides and the video. This is the same talk that I gave at TechEd Iceland for profiling.  I was recently reminded to […]

Published the Source code for Silverlight 2 Runtime & SDK Controls

[originally posted on, I am moving hosting sites -Seema] Hi all, We’ve just published the sample source code for the Silverlight 2 Controls as shipped in the runtime and the SDK. Within the RuntimeControls folder, you’ll see a Solution that contains three projects: 1. SilverlightControls – One can edit the source and default control […]

Some tips from the Silverlight perf PDC 2008 talk

Mike Snow posted a few of the tips from my PDC talk here, it’s a great summary. You can check it out here. Cheers! Seema

Getting to the Media FastPath

[this was originally posted on, reposting as I am moving hosting sites] Earlier this week, us in the Silverlight perf and media teams reviewed Ben Waggoner’s tutorial on how to build fast media players, check it out here: Tis a great how to guide. (now I’m really going home. Seema)

EnableFramerateCounter, Setting your Framerate correctly

[this was originally posted on, reposting as I am moving hosting sites] Debug tool I posted about EnableFramerateCounter before — it is a simple little debugging setting that you can use when trying to figure out: Which of these designs hurts my framerate more? If I add this module in, does it hurt my framerate? […]